Introduction from the editor

“In the end, what’s most meaningful is creating positive, uplifting outcomes for human experiences and human relationships. Business, like life, is all about how you make people feel. It’s that simple, and it’s that hard.”

– Danny Meyers

Gregory Yap Headshot

We launched PoshNosh Life as a way to share our conversations on entertaining and creating memorable experiences.  I continue to be inspired by how each experience shapes our lives both socially and in business. We often forget that building that lasting connection is just as important as sealing the deal.

I remember how my team prepared nervously for a site visit of an important client. Beyond the business proposal, we reviewed every detail and touchpoint right down to a personalised welcome package and note. We won the business, but more importantly, it was what our client  wrote in her letter that resonates with me till today. She had indeed been impressed with the level of care and thoughtful attention she experienced during her stay. This had been the key factor in securing her trust and in us winning the bid.

I hope that our blog will, in turn, provide you with refreshing view points and useful nuggets of information that help you master the challenge of business entertaining.  You’ll find the blog divided into 5 sections.  Discover new dining experiences in Setting the Table. With The Art of Entertaining, find insider tips that help you become a great host.  In The Creators, we go behind the scenes and hear from the Chefs and Makers on how they create exceptional experiences. Learn about doing business and travelling around the lion city with The Travel Diplomat. Lastly ,in Power Lunch, we sit down with the movers and shakers in the business, meetings and events community.

We are so excited to bring you all this wonderful content in the coming weeks.

Enjoy the read.


Author: Greg Yap

Greg is the Managing Editor of PoshNosh Life and Founder of TAB. With over 10 years of experience in Hospitality and F&B, Greg relishes uncovering new dining treasures, exciting his palate and travelling the world indulging in experiences!

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