24 hours in Singapore, Experienced Virtually.

Yes, it is possible! While traveling seems like a distant dream at the moment, technology has made it easy for anyone to explore great destinations around the world including Singapore. 

Whether you’re a seasoned local or just nursing a serious wanderlust, here is a full day itinerary to explore and experience the unique sights, sounds and culture of Singapore, from the comfort of your couch!

Here’s our recommended must do experiences in Singapore, experienced from afar:

8AM – Kickstart your day with a traditional local breakfast

Local Breakfast Set – Kaya Toast, Coffee and Eggs

This is Coffee & Toast like you’ve never had before. A cup of traditional Nanyang coffee or Kopi is made using Robusta Beans (instead of Arabica).  Learn about the roasting process and how the unique flavour is developed through this video here – a manual and time consuming roasting process where beans are slowly roasted over a charcoal fire for hours. Breakfast is made complete with an order of Kaya Toast, charcoal-grilled or toasted slices of bread envelop slivers of cold butter and a generous spread of kaya (a traditional jam made from coconut and eggs). Those residing in Singapore can order from popular chain Ya Kun to satisfy that craving you’ll be having after this viewing.

9AM – Take in some Nature and go for a jog

Gardens by the Bay

Did you know that Singapore has over 300 parks and 4 nature reserves in a space of just 279 sq miles? Go for a virtual 7km hike with your treadmill along Singapore’s Southern Ridges and pass through Henderson Waves, Singapore’s highest Pedestrian bridge that connects Mount Faber Park to Telok Blangah Hill Park for breathtaking views of the Southern Waterfront.

If you’re not feeling too active, explore Gardens by the Bay from your couch, Singapore’s 250 acre nature park in the heart of the city with two cooled conservatories – the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest. The spectacular Supertree Grove of 18 tree-like structures soars up to 50 metres in height. Get an in-depth tour of Cloud Forest through a 5 part series of minisodes hosted by Summer Rayne Oakes.

10AM – Take a stroll around the Streets of Singapore

Joo Chiat Neighbourhood

Take in the sights and sounds of Singapore’s neighbourhoods and get a glimpse of the unique architecture and people of our city. Alan from Discovery Walking Tours TV has a large collection of walking tour videos that instantly transport you to these places. We particularly love his walk through Little India’s Tekka Centre for a glimpse into one of Singapore’s most popular wet markets (known for the freshest meats and fish) to see how the locals go about their grocery shopping.  His walk through the Katong/Joo Chiat Neighborhood is a visual treat as you admire the architecture of Peranakan shophouses and the quaint neighbourhood in the Eastern region of Singapore.

Singapore is a melting pot of cultures and Chinatown is one of the must-visits on anyone’s tour of the island. Little known to visitors, the Chinatown Heritage Centre offers a virtual tour of the museum which gives you a glimpse into the early living of Chinese migrants. Explore all 3 storeys of the museum, housed within a restored shophouse where original interiors of shophouse tenants in the 1950s have been recreated. 

12PM – Lunch, time to check out the local food

Hawker Stall in Singapore

Singapore is a foodie’s paradise and eating is part of our national identity. Come lunchtime, workers in the Central Business District (CBD) make a beeline for Hawker Centres (open air food markets) to indulge in a truly unique dining experience. They reserve their seats with tissue packs and form long queues while waiting for their meals to be cooked to order all for less than $5 US dollars. In this entertaining video, David Rocco, National Geographic Celebrity Chef and local food guru KF Seetoh explore Amoy Street Food Centre, a popular Hawker Centre in the CBD with over 135 stores. Over 20,000 meals are served every day as you witness the hustle and bustle of this food centre and meet the stall owners of Singapore’s evolving hawker culture. All this food making you hungry? Eatbook gives you a list of 20 famous hawker stalls that do islandwide delivery.  

Another local cuisine that has gained international recognition is Peranakan food. Chef Malcom Lee of Candlenut Kitchen, the World’s first Michelin starred Peranakan Restaurant shares his family recipe for Babi Buah Keluak in this video as he learns from his Aunt the painstaking process of creating a Rempah (spice paste) to achieve a rich and flavourful dish! If you’re craving the real thing, Candlenut Kitchen does home delivery. To place an order, simply log here

1PM – Catch a Local Play or Concert

Image Credit: Wild Rice, Emily on Emerald Hill

Singapore’s local theatre scene is more vibrant than ever. Live and local performances are a great way to experience a different side of Singaporean culture.  During these times of COVID-19, the curtain has been drawn temporarily, but theatre companies are streaming video recordings of their signature performances. Wild Rice has launched Wild @ Home, featuring three of their most iconic plays for viewers around the world, including Emily on Emerald Hill, a performance that gives you insight into local Peranakan culture.

If plays are not your thing, how about a concert? Esplanade, Singapore’s premier arts venue launched Offstage just in time for COVID-19. Offering favourite past performances streamed online, our favourites include The Show Goes On….LINE:MFO x DJ KoFlow .Watch as Beethoven’s much-loved Fifth Symphony is spiced with local turntablist DJ KoFlow, creating a genre-defying musical adventure that fuses pop culture and electronic music with a symphony orchestra!

3PM – Time for Tea (and some snacks) 

Pineapple Tarts and Tiffin Carriers on Display

We’re always hungry. There’s a wide variety of sweet and savoury local confectionary to sample in Singapore. One of the most popular, Pineapple Tarts, is a wonderful combination of sweet pineapple jam atop a savoury short crust pastry, making for a perfect tea time accompaniment. Learn in this video how this traditional pastry is still being made at Rumah Bebe as she walks us through the painstaking process of making these little drops of golden goodness. Visit Pineapple Tarts SG for delivery of these divine morsels.

5PM – Admire Local Art 

National Gallery Singapore

Singaporean Art? Our local art scene has developed tremendously over the past years and many talented local artists are showcasing creative and thought provoking pieces of work. In this extraordinary time, art galleries are hosting virtual exhibitions online. As we Stay-At-Home, INSTINC is putting on an aptly titled virtual exhibition “14 days stay home notice” that gives us an insight on personal lives as we grapple with COVID-19 and features a collection of works from local and international artists.

On a broader scale, Singapore’s National Gallery, which oversees the world’s largest public collection of Singaporean and Southeast Asian art (over 8,000 artworks) has gone virtual. Visitors can now take virtual tours of their exhibitions featuring their entire digital collection of art pieces including one of our favorite painters, Georgette Chan known for her post-impressionistic styled oil paintings of still objects. 

7PM – Hang out with Local Bartenders for Cocktail Hour

Origin Bar, Shangri-la Hotel Singapore

As the day winds down, it’s time to fix yourself a cocktail. Singapore’s cocktail scene is more vibrant than ever before and home to more than one-fifth of Asia’s 50 Best Bars (11 to be exact). Many bartenders are innovating their craft, infusing local ingredients to mix up truly unique locally flavored cocktails. Beyond recreating the classic Singapore Sling, if you are adventurous, try your hand at a Kaya Toast Cocktail with these easy to follow video recipes.

In these extraordinary times, family-owned distillery William Grant & Sons has launched Singapore’s first 1887 Virtual Bar, a weekly online initiative that offers free videos of featured guest bartenders from different local bars all across Singapore. Watch as they whip up themed cocktails via video conferencing. It’s a great way to gain tips and insights from local bartenders. You can also purchase drink coupons to be redeemed when the bars re-open to ensure their survival. 

9PM – Explore a Unique Dining Experience for dinner

Bincho at Hua Bee

For Dinner, Singapore offers a variety of unique dining experiences for every budget.  One of our favorite experiences is Bincho. watch as a 70-year old coffeeshop serving local noodles by day is seamlessly transformed into a modern open-style Izayaka serving up Japanese inspired cocktails and yakitori by night. Feeling like a taste of modern yakitori? Visit here for delivery.

Other local and more casual options include having a local seafood dinner by the sea,  tucking into a plate of Singapore Chilli Crab or heading to Lau Pa Sat in the evening as you dine alfresco along a closed street on plastic chairs and tables, while enjoying freshly grilled satay (skewered meats) washed down with a pint or two. Feeling like some dishes to accompany this virtual experience? New Ubin Seafood will have your satay and chilli crab fix satiated here

11PM – Party the night away

Zouk Club

Did you know that Singapore is home to the top club in Asia? Zouk is an institution, and consistently pushes the boundaries of music with cutting edge sounds and party experiences. While we practice social distancing, the club has launched Zouk Digital, taking the Zouk experience online. Party along as their resident DJs bring you live music sets and accept your music requests, giving you a glimpse of the awesome music that awaits.

There’s so much more to see and do in Singapore! We can’t wait to welcome you when it’s safe to travel again, but till then plan ahead and check out TAB for over 100 unique event experiences in Singapore. 

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