Revisiting The Joy of Small Gatherings

Bigger is not always better. While we practice social distancing to keep each other safe, we press pause on mass gatherings and events and revisit the beauty of hosting small groups. 

Small Group

Don’t make the mistake of dismissing a small event as unimportant. Whether you are planning for a virtual family gathering for 10 or a client meeting of 5, gatherings in smaller groups promote intentional and meaningful connections for a lasting and memorable experience. 

Here are 3 reasons to celebrate the joy of small gatherings: 

1. More Engagement

In large gatherings, people become observers and not active participants. For people who tend to be introverted, larger social settings are intimidating making it easy for them to retreat into the background. As a host, it is important to design your event to ensure your guests feel included and comfortable. With smaller groups, the intimate size promotes interactivity between guests and allows each person to spend more time and have deeper conversations beyond the superficial small talk as they network to cover as much ground as they can. 

2. More Exclusivity

When you are not catering for the masses, you can focus more time and effort to transform an ordinary event into an experience. Look into creating specialty dining experiences with tastings menus in a private dining room and an exclusive chef experience. Beyond logistics, planning for smaller groups means you would have to be more discerning with the guest list. Be intentional and consider why you are inviting this person to the table and how he will be able to contribute and interact with your other guests. Having a diverse and well thought out guest list will help keep your event interesting and memorable. 

3. More Personalisation

Tailoring your event to your guests’ preferences makes them feel special and included. While challenging to achieve scale for large events, smaller events allow you to manage and accommodate your guests’ dietary preferences and needs easily. Consider adding unique touches and gifts that enhance the overall event experience and bring an unexpected element of surprise.

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