Top Podcasts for Meeting and Event Planners

Are you a podcast junkie? The wonderful world of spoken audio content has grown exponentially, evolving from casual banter to thought provoking conversations that are easily consumed on-the-go.  

As busy Event Professionals, podcasts are an excellent way to keep up to date with the latest trends and insights from the best of the best in the industry. We love putting on an episode and listening to how event planners are creating successful events or getting a download of the latest event tech and trends of our industry. 

If you are new to Podcasts, these recordings are completely free and usually split into different episodes, are typically 30 minutes long and cover a wide range of topics from politics to culture. To get started, you’ll need to download a podcast player (like StitcherOvercastSpotify or Apple Podcasts). Then, simply search and download the podcast. 

Here is our pick for the best podcasts for #eventprofs with highlights from our favourite episodes to get you started: 

1. Meeting Minds with Charles Eide


Hosted by event expert Charles Eide from Minnesota, Minneapolis USA, Charles chats with industry leaders and innovators about creating  immersive event experiences from around the world. 

Our favourite podcast episode: “Don’t Fall Prey to these Event Snafus!” (Season 2, Episode 25)- In this podcast, Charles and his guests run through common mistakes when organising events from flowers to sponsorships, making you realise, why didn’t I think of that earlier!

2. Gather Geeks


Co-hosted by David Adler, CEO of Biz Bash and Beth Kormanik, editor in chief of Biz Bash, the duo discuss the latest news and trends affecting event marketers and provide inspiration for anyone involved in planning events. .

Our favourite podcast episode: “A Master Class on Curating Events for Powerful People (Episode 144)”– In this podcast, Hosts David and Beth have a conversation with Tammy Haddad of Haddad Media and  discuss the art of curating a guest list, seating chart and  why, if you want to do business, you meet people at events and not in the office.. 

3. Meetings Today Podcast


The official podcast from Meetings Today, a media company based in the US covers all the latest news and events in the industry. Hosted by Tyler Davidson, Chief Content Director, the podcast has excellent coverage on the meetings industry. 

Our favourite podcast episode: “Hot Event Trends with Michael Cerbelli”- In this podcast, Tyler Davidson talks with Michael Cerbelli about the hottest new event products and trends including why planners should pay attention about creating instagrammable moments at events.

4. The Exposure Podcast


A monthly podcast presented by The Expo Group, a leading US exhibition and event production company headquartered in Dallas, Texas. The Exposure Podcast is produced and hosted by Todd Carruth and Dana Freker Doody.

Our favourite podcast episode: The Exposure Podcast for April 2019 – In this podcast, Dana discusses how trade show floors have evolved over the past decade. She describes the creation of  a Startup Circle on the showfloor as a new exhibitor segment showcasing innovative companies and  technology for her Veterinary Show. 

5. Offsite: The Meeting Planner Podcast


A light-hearted podcast hosted by Bryan Plofsky who interviews meeting professionals and gets their take and insights into the joys and challenges of what they do.  Look forward to tips and tricks to hosting successful meetings. 

Our favourite podcast episode: “Liz King goes Off Site!” (Oct 8, 2018) – In this podcast, Bryan talks with event producer Liz King  about innovation in the meetings industry and  why planners should be paying attention  to how events are collecting and storing data.

6. Event Industry News Podcast


Hosted by online magazine Event Industry News headquartered in the UK, their weekly podcast features insightful topics on the events and exhibitions industry. Keep abreast with the latest  mergers and acquisitions .

Our favourite episode: “Too Big to succeed” (April 18, 2019) – In this podcast, James Dickson speaks with Paul Woodward of Woodward Advisory and former Managing Director of UFI about his controversial article – Too Big to Succeed and his opinions about the future of tradeshows in this everchanging world. 

7. The Convince & Convert Podcasts


Hosted bv Jay Baer, Social Pros is one of the most popular marketing podcasts in the world. As Event Planners, we shouldn’t forget that marketing is instrumental in  ensuring a successful attendance and turnout at our events. Listen for real insight on what top tier marketers are doing on social media.

Our favourite episode: “Non-Obvious 2019 Trends for Social Media dn Beyond” (April 18, 2019). In this podcast, Rohit Bhargava of the Non-Obvious Company shares the non-obvious  trends in social media including  that of “muddled masculinity”, a key trend for 2019 reflected in Gillette Brand’s recent ad campaign..

What podcasts are you listening to? Share with us your favourite episodes in the comments section below.

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