Why Your Next Event Should Have a Signature Cocktail

When hosting a corporate event or special celebration, it’s always a good idea to create and serve a signature cocktail that will leave your guests with a lasting impression. 

Singapore Cocktail

It’s a fun way to incorporate a mix of creativity, branding and a talking point for the evening conversation.

Here are 5 easy ways to start thinking of when including a signature cocktail experience to your next event:

Keep it balanced

Brass Lion Distillery Singapore GIN
Brass Lion Distillery

Playing off the occasion and theme, fuse the same ideas and vibe into the flavours of your drink.  Begin with a conversation with the resident bartender, describing the mood and objective of your event. If your product launch is a nature inspired product, you may wish to pair a base spirit like Gin with fresh herbs of rosemary or limes to create a floral, citrusy tipple.  Remember, always create both an alcoholic and non-alcoholic version of your signature drink to cater to all guests. At Brass Lion Distillery, Singapore’s first micro-distillery specialising in Singapore dry gin, groups can take a tour of the distillery,  enjoy a gin tasting and even organise a cocktail making masterclass tailored to your event’s theme. 

Brand it

Theming the colour of your cocktail to your brand or product is a great way to get your guests more familiar with your product. For example, if your corporate colours are red, adding a bit of grenadine or cranberry will make your drink instantly recognisable. Many modern cocktails also include beaten egg-whites that create a creamy foam topping to drinks. This blank canvas is an excellent way to incorporate your logo. With a simple stencil and dusting of citrus dust, your guests will be wowed by this dramatic effect.

Named just for you

Personalised Cocktail

Here’s your chance to name your very own cocktail. Pick a fun and catchy name that communicates your event theme or company brand messaging but be careful that it’s not  overly fanciful or hard to pronounce.

Make it Interactive

Telok Ayer Arts Club Cocktail Workshop
Telok Ayer Arts Club – Cocktail Workshop

Beyond serving up your cocktail, there are a few other ways to carry the theme even further.  Consider conducting a cocktail mixology demonstration or have your guests try customising their own version of the cocktail.  You could even make a competition out of the activity and allow your guests to vote for the best drink of the evening. At Telok Ayer Arts Club, they offer a fun “Create your own Cocktail” experience perfect for groups looking to fuse a bit of basic bartending skills with some creativity, light competition and bonding. 


Photo: Sunday Punch (Facebook)

It’s always a good idea to include a recipe for the cocktail as a parting door gift and if the budget permits, have some small batched bottled cocktails made in advance to be given out as door gifts. These thoughtful branded touches will be a great talking point for weeks to come at the next dinner party.  The people at Sunday Punch have perfected the cocktail drinking experience with small batched bottled cocktails customised for events. Their handcrafted cocktails are a blend of the best spirits with homemade infusions and syrups bottled and finished with a waxed seal.

Customise and host unique cocktail experiences for groups and events with TAB here.

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